In modern architecture, building designs have become increasingly complex, requiring careful attention to their intricate structures. This is essential not only for preserving warranties but also for ensuring the durability and safety of the buildings. Specialized knowledge is of utmost importance in this field.

With more than two decades of experience, our City Abseiling teams have firmly established themselves in the dynamic London scene. We have honed our skills in building maintenance, including the design and installation of façade access equipment. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation has solidified our position as pioneers in this field.


Installation - Glazing- Cladding elements-curtain wall,

Mastic insulations,

Window cleaning,

Jet-wash cleaning,

Fire barrier investigations (EWS1 requirements), Water testing,

Painting-spraying (masonry, steel work & cladding panels),

Façade and roofs leaksm,

Survey and repairs (leak identification, damp proofing), 

Various façade snagging & remedial works for newly built facilities,

Steel work installation, Design, Supply, Installation & Testing-Commissioning access equipment - eye-bolts,

Fall-arrest, Latch way systems & Davit arms, Design & Structural calculations,

Site surveying for the best rigging solution-system to be used,

Building maintenance work


Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) 1998

IRATA International Code of Practice (ICOP ) 

Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme (TACS) 

Construction Design and management Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015)

BS EN 1808:2015 The Standard For Safety Requirements For Suspended Access Equipment

BS EN 795:2012 Personal Fall Protection Equipment Anchor Devices

BS 8437:2022 - TC Code of Practice for selection, use and maintenance of personal fall protection systems and equipment for use in the workplace
BS 7883:2019 – Personal fall Protection Equipment. Anchor Systems. System Design, installation and inspection

 and any other standards and regulations imposed by the ever changing industry requiremnents


With the continuous evolution of the architectural landscape, building designs have reached unprecedented levels of intricacy. This advancement underlines the imperative for meticulous upkeep of external surfaces, pivotal not only for preserving warranties but also for safeguarding structural integrity. Amidst this intricateness, possessing specialized knowledge and profound comprehension takes on paramount significance.

With a combined experience surpassing two decades, our skilled team at City Abseiling has forged an unwavering presence within London's dynamic milieu. Our expertise spans the comprehensive landscape of façade access equipment design and installation, refined to the pinnacle of mastery. Our dedication to excellence and our drive for innovation solidify our stature as industry pioneers.

Our unwavering commitment to client outcomes and service excellence propels every facet of our operation. Continuous innovation propels us to develop safer and more efficient methods for elevated work. We consistently push the boundaries to exceed expectations and elevate performance standards.

This dedication transcends mere fortification of our business's resilience and competitive edge. Our team actively drives transformative change across the industry, resulting in extensive benefits for suppliers, partners, and the communities we engage with.

Our contributions have played a pivotal role in the realization and continuous maintenance of numerous global landmarks, including iconic structures like the Shard and Battersea Power Station, alongside a multitude of distinguished residential edifices.


Installation - Glazing- Cladding elements-curtain wall,

Mastic insulations,

Window cleaning,

Jet-wash cleaning,

Fire barrier investigations (EWS1 requirements),

Water testing,

Testing access equipment - eye-bolts,


Latch-way systems & Davit arms,

Façade and roofs leaks survey and repairs (leak identification, damp proofing), 

Various façade snagging & remedial works, Inspection & Refurbishment of masonry-concrete facades,

Brickwork Repair & Pointing,

Painting-spraying (masonry, steel work and cladding panels),

Site surveying for the best rigging solution-system to be used,

Building work required

Design, Supply, Install

Our consultancy engages in a holistic approach to devising secure access systems that cater to the unique requirements of diverse facilities, whether recently constructed or historically established. Collaborating synergistically with architects and structural engineers, we integrate paramount security measures seamlessly within the design phase. This ensures that access points, walkways, and related components adhere to the most rigorous safety standards, engendering an environment that mitigates potential hazards.

Drawings – Elevations & Plans

In our client-oriented approach, we closely collaborate with architectural and structural engineering professionals. As part of City Abseiling's consulting services, we provide an all-encompassing cleaning and maintenance strategy that includes essential elements from our service package:

    1. Drawings - These encompass elevations, plans, and detailed product specifications.
    2. Marked-up design loads - Incorporating load-bearing considerations, especially for trafficable areas.
    3. Statutory requirement specifications and related details

Health and Safety Documentation & Working at heights

Our consultancy services encompass the comprehensive compilation of Health and Safety documentation. These meticulously crafted documents clarify a proper system operation, upkeep, and maintenance. By adhering to regulatory protocols and industry best practices, We provide a strong reference for maintaining facilities to those responsible for them. Our documentation clarifies guidelines for routine inspections, maintenance protocols, and requisite safety procedures.

Facility Adaptation & Modernization

For legacy facilities, we specialize in retrofitting secure access and work systems, ensuring alignment with contemporary safety standards. Our expert consultants meticulously assess existing infrastructures, identifying areas for augmentation and enhancement. This process entails the integration of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies, equipping older facilities with state-of-the-art safety provisions.


Through close collaboration with esteemed architects and adept structural engineers, our focus lies in the meticulous design of access systems, supplemented by the meticulous facilitation of Health and Safety documentation, intended for employment and continual maintenance.


Design, supply, install - facade access equipement,

Health and Safety working at height,

Façade Cleaning and Maintenance Strategy,

Drawings – Elevations,

Plans and details of the products required, marked up design loads including trafficable areas, details of statutory requirements,


Cost Consultancy

Our technical consultancy services are dedicated to the provision of bespoke solutions that foster secure access and work systems within the realm of both novel and pre-existing facilities. Through harmonious collaboration with architectural and structural experts, we ensure that access systems are innately integrated, concurrently prioritizing safety and aesthetics. Our meticulous Health and Safety documentation further reinforces the perpetuation of secure system functionality over time. We stand resolute in our commitment to enabling safe and sustainable environments through the orchestration of cutting-edge anseiling work and technical expertise.

Our streamlined abseiling process


Initiate the journey

Initiate the journey by reaching out to us for a comprehensive, no-obligation expert quotation. Our seasoned professionals are poised to offer insights into your project's intricacies, helping you understand the financial aspects involved.


Conduct site survey

Precision takes center stage as we conduct an exhaustive site survey. This critical phase facilitates a thorough comprehension of the technical prerequisites inherent to your project. By delineating spatial constraints and contextual nuances, we pave the way for informed decision-making.


Price discovery phase

Our commitment to candidness shines through as we embark on the price discovery phase. Unearth the true costs without unwelcome surprises. We believe in an open-book approach, ensuring clarity and trust in our financial dealings.


Initiate the project

Armed with a comprehensive understanding and a mutually agreed-upon scope, we proceed to ready ourselves for the task ahead. The wheels of action are set in motion as we diligently prepare and subsequently initiate the project.