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City Abseiling excels in specialist rope-access services, setting a benchmark for quality in the UK and Europe.

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City Abseiling elevates the construction experience with their exceptional rope-access services. Setting a gold standard in quality and pricing, they lead the way in the UK and Europe.

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In the construction specialist market, City Abseiling shines brightly. Their rope-access service is synonymous with superior quality and competitive pricing in London.

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City Abseiling stands out in the UK and Europe, providing unparalleled rope-access services. High quality and budget-friendly rates make them a trusted name in the construction industry.

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Importance of Specialized Abseilers in Construction

Overview of South Quay Plaza Development

South Quay Plaza is a significant residential-led development in Canary Wharf, London, by Berkeley Group Holdings, designed by Foster + Partners. Comprising three towers, the tallest, Hampton Tower, stands at 214.5 meters. The development includes residential apartments, public spaces, and retail areas. Construction began with the demolition of older buildings and is divided into three phases, with completion slated for 2028. The project highlights the importance of specialized abseilers for safety and efficiency in high-rise construction, ensuring precise work on complex structures.

The tallest of the towers, Hampton Tower, soars to 214.5 meters, making it the third-tallest residential skyscraper in London. Accompanied by Berwick Tower at 115.2 meters and Harcourt Gardens at 192 meters, these structures will provide 1,383 residential apartments, along with 6,000 square meters of public space and numerous retail and dining options.

The development began with the demolition of older office and retail buildings dating back to the 1980s. Berkeley acquired the site in 2014, and planning permissions were secured by the end of 2015, with support from Tower Hamlets Council and the Mayor of London. The project has been divided into three phases. Phase One, completed in 2021, saw the construction of Hampton Tower. Phase Two, which includes Harcourt Gardens, is set to finish in 2024. Phase Three, involving the Berwick Tower, will commence in 2025 and conclude by 2028.

Specialized abseilers play a crucial role in this project, particularly for high-altitude tasks. Their expertise ensures safety and precision in maintaining and inspecting the towering structures, highlighting their indispensable contribution to the success of large-scale developments.

As South Quay Plaza progresses, it not only promises luxurious living spaces but also enhances the community with vibrant public areas, blending modern architecture with functional urban design.

Importance of Using Specialized Abseilers in Construction

Our  experts are trained to perform high-altitude tasks safely and efficiently, such as installing windows, inspecting facades, and conducting maintenance on tall structures.

Their skills ensure that work is completed with precision and adherence to safety standards, which is vital for both the construction process and the long-term integrity of the buildings. By employing specialized abseilers, construction managers can mitigate risks associated with working at height and ensure that the project progresses smoothly and safely.

Amidst today's complex building designs, we offer our expertise

City Abseiling's Role in South Quay Plaza's Development

As the sun rises over the iconic skyline of London, a team of skilled abseilers prepares for another challenging day at South Quay Plaza. This towering structure, one of the tallest residential buildings in Europe, demands not only technical expertise but also a blend of physical endurance and mental fortitude. Leading this remarkable City Abseiling team is Ashleigh Berridge, the Technical Lead Level 3, whose dedication and technical expertise ensures that every abseil is executed with precision and safety.

Conquering Common Challenges

Working on tall structures like South Quay Plaza presents a unique set of challenges. Among the most daunting is the weight and rigging of ropes. For a building that reaches heights of 200 meters or more, the team must handle up to 450 meters of rope per set of rigging. This involves carrying the ropes, opening them out, and preparing them for rigging—a process known in climbing terms as "flaking" the rope. This meticulous task is essential to ensure that the ropes are free of tangles and ready for use.

Wind conditions add another layer of complexity. Even a slight breeze can twist ropes or blow them around corners, making it a nightmare to manage. To mitigate this, the team often bags the ropes—200-meter bags for each rope—and descends with the bags attached. While this method helps control the ropes, it also adds significant weight, making the descent more challenging, especially for lighter abseilers.

Once on the ground, the team must ascend back to the roof, gather their tools, and begin their work. The weight of the ropes, now acting as a drag, complicates the descent further. This requires not only physical strength but also mental resilience, as the height and exposure can be intimidating.

After completing their tasks, the team faces the arduous job of pulling up the ropes—450 meters per operative. This demands considerable arm strength, a fact that often surprises new recruits who may struggle to manage even a fraction of this length without assistance.

Inspections and Maintenance

Inspections and maintenance are integral to ensuring the ongoing safety and quality of South Quay Plaza. Inspections are typically client-driven, focusing on specific materials or structural elements. Maintenance tasks, such as cleaning, follow the same principles as those for lower buildings but require careful planning and execution due to the height involved.

Training and Certifications

To ensure competence in abseiling tasks, every team member holds a valid, in-date IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) certification, ranging from Level 1 to Level 3. This certification guarantees that each abseiler is trained to the highest standards of safety and efficiency.

Managing Weather-Related Risks

Weather is a constant variable in the world of abseiling. Wind speed, in particular, poses significant risks.

The team uses anemometers to measure wind speeds and adheres to strict safety limits documented in the Risk Assessment & Method Statement (RAMS). If the wind exceeds these limits, work is halted. Occasionally, working on the side of the building opposite the wind direction can provide some respite, but this is not always feasible due to the nature of the tasks.

Installation of External Features

City Abseiling plays a critical role in the installation of external features such as windows and facades. For glass installation or replacement, the Level 3 technician is responsible for attaching the glass to the equipment and ensuring its secure placement.

This task requires not only technical skill but also a deep understanding of safety protocols, as there is no room for error.

Safety Protocols

Safety protocols for high-rise buildings like Hampton Tower are rigorous. These protocols are similar to those for lower buildings but require heightened vigilance due to the increased risks. Every piece of equipment is thoroughly checked, and all items are securely tethered to prevent accidents.


Coordination with Other Construction Teams

Effective communication is key to seamless operations on-site. Daily meetings between site managers ensure that all trades are coordinated, and any issues are addressed promptly. Direct verbal communication is crucial when unexpected challenges arise.

Equipment and Precision

The equipment used by City Abseiling meets stringent industrial standards, which are more rigorous than those for rock climbing. This ensures both safety and efficiency in their work. The precision required for dealing with complex architectural designs often involves improvisation, especially during maintenance when designs may not be as practical as they appear on paper.

Contribution to High-Rise Projects

The team's meticulous attention to detail and commitment to safety have significantly contributed to the success of high-rise projects like South Quay Plaza. Their work ensures that every aspect of the building is not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound and safe for residents.

Under Dorin Pavel's leadership ( owner of City Abseiling Ltd) and Ashleigh Berridge, the Technical Lead, City Abseiling continues to set the standard for excellence in the construction industry, proving that with the right skills, training, and dedication, even the tallest challenges can be overcome.


Standing proudly in central London, 122 Leadenhall Street, nicknamed the Leadenhall Building, graces the skyline at 225 meters (738 ft) in height. Crafted by Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, this architectural marvel opened its doors in July 2014. Affectionately known as The Cheesegrater, its iconic wedge-shaped design mirrors that of its culinary namesake. Amidst the bustling financial district of the City of London, it joins the ranks of other towering structures like 20 Fenchurch Street, 22 Bishopsgate, and The Scalpel, showcasing the dynamic evolution of the construction landscape.

Our Abseiling Work

Leadenhall Project

Project Details

City Abseiling played a significant role in the Leadenhall project from 2012 to 2014. The architectural marvel features a unique tapering, perimeter-braced diagrid structure, integrating office floors with a northern support core housing lifts, utilities, and essential infrastructure.

The primary structural grid, measuring 16m x 10.5m, enables expansive spans with only six internal columns on the largest floors, showcasing engineering prowess. The exposed steelwork distinguishes office and service spaces visually.

The project architect elaborated on the development of the external mega-frame, allowing for a non-standard floor plan. This strategic approach resulted in an expansive public space at the base, highlighting the project's commitment to both aesthetics and functionality.

City Abseiling involvement in the Leadenhall Project began in 2012 and continued until 2014.

We collaborated with other façade companies deploying over 20 skilled technicians on-site. Our tasks ranged from intricate Mega Bracket installations on mega floors, requiring numerous abseilers due to steel beam complexities, to meticulous glass installations and mastic works from ground to the 52nd floor of the Mega frame structure, meeting client-specific requirements.

An essential ongoing task involved comprehensive water testing, ensuring the structural integrity and safety of the high-rise Leadenhall as other teams progressed with their tasks.

Our technicians installed miles of gaskets on rear lift shafts from ground to level 47, involving dedicated day and night shifts to maintain the project's continuous progress.

Our efforts extended to installing steel safety nets on levels 47 to 52 at the rear, emphasizing our commitment to safety and precision.

Further milestones included installing and fitting loft sections in Leadenhall's plant room (levels 47-52), responding to unique design constraints limiting access for other trades.

Additionally, City Abseiling contributed to the project's intricacies by assisting in glass installation on levels 1 and 2 beneath escalators. These tasks required adept utilization of beam clamps for rigging, located on the undersides of beams adjacent to soffit panels.

Our role extended to internal lift shaft cleaning and glass replacement, showcasing City Abseiling Ltd's comprehensive expertise in complex and multifaceted projects like the Leadenhall masterpiece.

Building safety, one test at a time

Ensuring structural integrity in high-rise projects.

Bracket install and set-out

One remarkable task achieved by City Abseiling was the meticulous planning, design, and fabrication of a purpose-commissioned Abseil Rig tailored to the specific needs of the site. This temporary rigging davit arm served as a pivotal tool for abseilers, enabling them to gain access to the facade with precision and safety. Positioned at a crucial three-meter distance from the structure, it provided the necessary location and orientation for abseilers to install the buttresses, which were lifted from the tower crane.

In essence, City Abseiling's involvement in the One Nine Elms project embodies their commitment to delivering innovative solutions and impeccable craftsmanship in the realm of architectural construction. Their contributions are a testament to the intricate tapestry of skills and expertise

that converge in the creation of iconic skyscrapers like One Nine Elms.

One Nine Elms

One Nine Elms, an imposing mixed-use skyscraper scheme, is currently taking shape in the vibrant district of Nine Elms, London. Initially conceived by Wanda One, a UK-based subsidiary of Dalian Wanda, the project witnessed a significant transition in ownership when it was acquired by R&F Properties, another prominent chinese corporation, in 2018. This dynamic development has been meticulously designed by the esteemed architectural firm Kohn Pedersen Fox.

City Abseiling embarked on a crucial role within the One Nine Elms project, commencing its involvement in June 2020, and as of the writing of this article in September 2022, remains an integral part of the ongoing construction process.

Project Details

Their multifaceted contributions span a spectrum of complex tasks that have been integral to the project's success.

Among the myriad challenges undertaken by City Abseiling from the project's inception are comprehensive water tests conducted across all levels and elevations, alongside the intricate installation of waterproofing systems.

Their expertise extends to the precise placement of glass elements, including crane tie locations, on various levels of the tower. Moreover, they have played an important role in the installation and replacement of stone units, encompassing all levels and elevations. The replacement of glass panels at multiple levels and elevations further demonstrates their proficiency, as does their work on glass unit adjustments and the installation of podium sides, spanning from level 6 to the pinnacle.