Employing highly specialised Rope Access Techniques, City Abseiling Ltd presents a comprehensive array of high quality services,  tailored to address the requirements of our industrial and commercial clientele.

Each member of our proficient team is trained in accordance with IRATA standards, epitomising on trustworthiness and dependability.


Our Abseiling Services encompass a diverse spectrum of tasks:

Construction Services | Building Maintenance Services | Implementation and Evaluation of Abseiling Rigging Points and Fall-Arrest Systems | Advisory Solutions encompassing access strategies and safety protocols

         Custom Work

  • Façade Cleaning
  • Façade installation (glazing and cladding elements)

  • Mastic insulations

  • Façade window cleaning

  • Façade jet-wash cleaning

  • Façade fire barriers investigations (EWS1 requirements)

  • Façade and roofs leaks survey and repairs (leaks identification, dump proofing)

  • Brickwork repairs and pointing

  • Painting/spraying (masonry, steel work and cladding panels)

  • Abseiling eye-bolts and fall-arrest systems installation and testing

  • Various snagging operations for newly built facilities

  • Steel work installation

Our commitment resides in the provision of services characterised by an exceptional degree of excellence. In accordance with the nature of the task, our adept professionals are qualified in the methaddology of using a large spectrum of access equipments, such as cradles, cherry pickers, scissor lifts, and spider systems.

In contrast to conventional methodes of temporary access like scaffolding or powered machines, our approach offers remarkable advantages. We ensure rapid, non-disruptive access to structures with a paramount emphasis on safety, while preserving the seamless flow of ongoing tasks. The setup phase is streamlined and swift, adaptable to diverse structural configurations.

Employing the IRATA methodology, widely acknowledged as the epitome of safety for working at hight, we mitigate risks effectively.

Our approach to works employs the expertise of highly qualified rope access technicians and the broad experience of the managerial team.   

It is our privilege to introduce these refined methods for your consideration, and we anticipate the potential to collaborate with your organisation in the pursuit of elevated operational excellence.

Safe and Efficient Abseiling Services in London

Championing Unsurpassed Industry Standards: Elevating Façade Access Expertise

Amidst today's complex building designs, the imperative for specialised knowledge in façade access has assumed unprecedented prominence. City Abseiling's commitment to excellence it is backed by a cumulative experience exceeding two decades in the vibrant landscape of London, and stands as a testament to our dedication in the rope access industry.

Our Commitment to Excellence:

Leading the Way with Comprehensive Solutions: We recognise that today's architectural complexities demand more than mere solutions – they require expert orchestration. Our approach to the façade design and access is to align perfectly functionality and aesthetics as our major commitment to excellence.

Preserving Warranty and Structural Integrity: We comprehend the relationship between effective external maintenance and the preservation of warranties and structural integrity. City Abseiling's strives to design and deliver access solutions that not only ensure meticulous upkeep but also extend the lifespan of architectural features.

Specialised Technical knowledge as a Cornerstone: For over two decades, we've been involved in diverse projects that have cultivated our specialised knowledge. This enables us to foresee challenges and engineer innovative resolutions tailor-made for each unique undertaking.

Precision in Design and Installation: City Abseiling's methodology adderes to the highest industry standards. Our design and installation processes are underpinned by meticulous planning and a profound commitment to safety. This perfect integration guarantees that our access solutions coalesce seamlessly with architectural visions, amplifying both functionality and endurance.

Cultivating Excellence: Ensuring Safety and Beyond:

We place paramount importance on the safety and well-being of all stakeholders.

Our work procedures are a testament to this ethos, benchmarked against the industry's loftiest standards. Annually, we meticulously review our Health & Safety protocols and Safe Working Practices across all sites, ensuring their alignment with the industries regulations. This commitment extends further, with personnel undergoing comprehensive internal and external trainings, cementing a health and safety culture.

In Conclusion:

In the intricate landscape of modern architecture, City Abseiling stands as a vanguard of specialized expertise. With a legacy spanning over two decades, we epitomise the confluence of design innovation, meticulous installation, and commitment to safety. Our journey propels forward as we navigate the complexities of architectural evolution.

Employing the IRATA methodology, widely acknowledged as the epitome of safety for elevated work, we mitigate risks effectively

Our people are the heart of our business

Connecting Through Human Interaction

Ashleigh Berridge - Technical Authority

Mihai Chituc

Equipment Inspection Logistics Division

Introducing Misu Chituc - Mechanical Engineer with an impressive 25-year tenure in the technical realm, including over a decade specializing in equipment inspection within the Equipment Inspection Logistics Division.

Our team is composed of committed professionals like Misu, pivotal in maintaining the efficiency and safety of our operations. With meticulous attention, we conduct thorough equipment inspections and expertly manage assets, all while upholding the most stringent standards of compliance. Immerse yourself in our collaborative endeavors that form the bedrock of City Abseiling's achievements.

Ashleigh Berridge - Technical Authority

Sabina Pavel

Rope Access Technician

Meet Sabina, an integral member of our team at City Abseiling. With an IRATA Level 3 certification, she is one of the five accomplished female professionals part of our Operations Division.

Their expertise and dedication exemplify our commitment to excellence, enhancing the collective strength that drives the success of City Abseiling.

Ashleigh Berridge - Technical Authority

Ashleigh Berridge

Technical Authority

Ashleigh Berridge brings forth a comprehensive tenure spanning 14 years in the specialized field of abseiling.

This extensive experience encompasses 12 years of dedicated service at City Abseiling, alongside an additional 4 years assuming the pivotal role of a technical authority within the same organization. Holding the IRATA L3 qualification,

Ashleigh not only demonstrates adeptness in operational leadership but also furnishes invaluable operational and technical counsel.

We extend an enhancement of comfort through heightened proficiency: harnessing specialized rope access techniques here at City Abseiling Ltd. "